Decorated matchbox

Travel themed decorated matchbox
making a decorated matchbox. It's travel themed, as you can see.


You will need :
- A matchbox
- Brown paper - I had some brown wrapping paper that was a bit fuzzy on one side.
- Darker brown card - the one I have seems around 210gsm. It's stiff card stock anyway.
- A print of some stickers - you can print out the one I used. Make sure it prints at - - -   - 300dpi though so it's the right size.
- Brown/black pencils
- Scissors
- Glue

- A gold marker (I forgot to include it in my photo)

Cut 2 pieces of brown paper. One big enough to wrap around the outside of the box with some overhang. One big enough to cover the bottom and sides of the inside of the box.
Cut 6 circles of brown card approx. 12mm diameter. I just traced around the bottom of a marker. They don't have to be exact, as long as they're not too big.
Cut 3 strips of brown card approx 4mm wide. 2 long enough to wrap around the box. The other shorter for the handle. Cut points on the ends.

Glue the paper to the outside of the box. Trim the overhang closely to the edge of the box. Then push the ends inside the box and glue them securely.
Glue the other piece of paper to the bottom of the inside drawer of the box, then fold the edges up and glue them to the sides. You'll need to trim the corners to make them fit neatly.

Cut the 6 circles into pieces. Cut 4 of them in half and 2 of them into quarters.
Use the pencils to darken the edges of the box and to give it some shading. (I still haven't decided if it's better to do this before or after you stick all the bits on.

Fold each semi circle in half and glue one to each corner of the outside of the box.
Glue the quarter circles to the ends of the inside drawer of the box.
Wrap the long strips around the box and glue them down with the pointy ends both on the top like straps.
Curl the handle, fold little bits of the ends back the other way and stick to the top like a handle. You'll probably have to trim this shorter once you know how much space you have between the straps.
Shade these bits with the pencils as well.

Cut out the stickers you want and stick them onto the sides.
Finally, add some metal details with the gold pen, like buckles and rivets. I put some dots on the bottom as well, as most suitcases have some little round metal/plastic feet.

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